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Louise has provided me with valuable advice on insurance and superannuation, and she is clearly knowledgeable in these and other areas.  Because she has always taken the time to explain my options and highlight what solutions are available without pushing specific products, I always feel like I am making informed decisions in a comfortable, non-pressured environment. 

I appreciated her thorough profiling of my financial position prior to making any decisions, and I also like her fee for service policy.  My financial position has consistently improved since I first met with Louise four years ago, which I believe is the ultimate test of a successful financial advisor.  I will continue to be her client and I highly recommend her to anybody seeking this service.

Paul Golobocov

“Since working with Remedy Financial we have felt a sense of release. Our financial affairs have been complex and we have found Louise to be technically very strong but also culturally compatible. Our needs have not been squeezed through a filter of standard products but instead we now have a diversified portfolio of investments that align to our personal ethics and desire for investments that only have positive impact.

Remedy and Louise have exceeded our expectations, allowing us to meet our high ethical standards whilst materially reducing our risks and improving our returns. We would have no hesitation in recommending Remedy Financial or Louise Drolz.”  

Che Wall

“Louise is my trusted confidante. She is passionate about my investment interests and always acts with integrity. She researches and thinks about the impact of investment decisions and regulations on me and is always looking out for my interests, never just reacting.  My family has benefited enormously from her technical understanding of self-managed super fund regulation.

Louise has impressive expertise and experiential knowledge of financial markets and investments and I know that this has given me a strategic and financial advantage.”

Maria Atkinson, AM

“ Louise Drolz has been my financial planner for fours years and has totally transformed my financial world. I had several old superannuation policies all paying fees going nowhere and a bunch of investments outside superannuation when I am 10 years from retirement. She helped me set a vision and clean up the mess that was my finances.  I now have an SMSF with its tax advantages and can undertake my love of investing in a controlled strategic way.

Louise is incredibly ethical and knowledgable. She listens to you as a person and gives advice based on your needs not what serves her. I think Louise is my best investment yet.“

Selena Kilfoyle

“I’d spoken to a couple of 'financial planners' in the past, but never got anything useful from them. Their main expertise seemed to be turning my needs into a pitch for one of their products (along with some tut-tutting about how I'd left it so long). No. No. No!

Remedy Financial is completely different. With a career in finance behind her, Louise really knows what she's talking about. But, she also listens carefully, asks smart questions and pays attention to the answers. So all the advice she's given me has been absolutely, precisely tailored to my situation, preferences and plans. The only thing she's "sold" me is her time. And so far that's cost less than the "management fee" on my old super account that delivered what they charmingly call a "negative return".

And her frame of reference isn't confined to the obvious super/insurance/investment. She pays attention to where and how I want to live, my family, my interests, my work. So the financial plans she's proposed fit in with my life, rather than being tacked on.

This is truly professional financial planning and I'm happy to recommend Louise and Remedy to anyone.”

David Glover

Right from the start it was clear that Louise was listening to me and thinking about how to help me achieve my goals. What a change to not have "products" (with hidden - for good reason - fees) shoe-horned into my financial plan. Louise is clearly very smart when it comes to money, but equally savvy when it comes to working out what people want.”

Denise Rainey