Mind Food

Jul 2013

Help, I've been SWAM'd

If you haven't discovered this delightful feature of LinkedIn yet, SWAM stands for Site Wide Auto Moderation.

The SWAM policy was quietly introduced by LinkedIn earlier this year. Its intentions were good, to prevent recidivist spammers from ruining discussion forums for all.

Unfortunately, the design of the policy is such that it's more likely that the professional, appropriate poster will be caught in its net than any annoying spammer.

China's new middle class

Three snapshots from China’s next chapter
A new middle class. An urban transformation. An e-tailing revolution. This slideshow details the key trends that will define a new China.
June 2013, McKinsey & Company

“To fully grasp China’s future direction, it is essential to understand its new middle class. A huge wave of increasingly affluent consumers will constitute China’s urban majority in less than a decade. The rapid emergence of this prosperous, digitally savvy, individualistic, and sophisticated class of consumers is creating opportunities and challenges for the companies that serve them. This slideshow looks at this consumer and urbanization phenomenon by the numbers. To understand, for example, how Singles Day—China’s alternative to Valentine’s Day—dwarfs Cyber Monday in the United States in online sales revenue, look inside.”

Glacial Change in Diversity at ASX 200 Companies: Can corporate Australia escape the imposition of diversity quotas?

“….. around 80% of the men appointed to ASX 200 company boards did not have previous or current experience as an ASX 200 board member. This starkly contrasted with the appointment of women where only 57% of appointments did not have previous or current experience as an ASX 200 board member. This may suggest that women need to “prove” themselves more than their male colleagues to be considered for an ASX 200 board.” p4, BlackRock Australia’s diversity investigation of ASX 200 companies’s 2013 Annual Reports